I'm new. What can I expect?
We're glad you found us! We'll do all we can to make your first time here a great experience.
What is it like?

     We are a family here at CBC and always ready to welcome new friends. Our 9:30 Bible Study is casual with opportunity for interaction, but you can just sit and listen if you prefer. Our 10:30 worship service consists of a welcome and church news, singing, prayer, and a message from God's Word. This service usually lasts about 75 minutes.

What about my kids?

      We offer a class for children 5 years - 6th grade during the 9:30 Bible Study time. We are all together for the worship service. Because we're family, we understand kids! We realize it may be a challenge for them to sit still the whole time, so there are quiet activities available during the worship service to help them listen and learn.

Where do I park?

    Parking is available in front and in back of the church, but the main entrance is at the front where you'll most likely prefer to enter. Handicap access is available. Just park in the back lot by the ramp.

What do I wear?

   There is no dress code at Calvary. Feel free to dress up or come casual - however you are most comfortable.

What should I bring?

The pastor will be preaching from the Bible and you'll want to follow along, so bring your own. If you don't have one, you'll find one near your seat. Grab one and take it with you if you'd like!